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Current Board Members

Jackie Ainsworth, Chair
    Apr 2015- Apr 2018
Dave Henderson
    Apr 2015- Apr 2018
Allyson Roy
    Apr 2017- Apr 2020
Jim Wahl
    Apr 2016- Apr 2019
Kevin Gardave
    Apr 2015- Apr 2018
Bob Timbers
    Nov 2017- Apr 2019
Bill Trussler
    Apr 2017- Apr 2020


Water Technical
    Chair: Bill Trussler
Finance and Grants
    Chair: Jim Wahl
Human Resources
    Chair: Jackie Ainsworth
    Chair: Allyson Roy
Building and Grounds
    Chair: Dave Henderson

What is a Trustee?

Trustees are elected representatives of their community and as such, their decisions and actions can affect how people perceive that community. As well as community representatives, trustees are stewards of public service, law-makers and policy-makers. Improvement District Trustees in B.C. are elected for a 3year term at an Annual General Meeting. A Chair is elected by the Board of Trustees at the first meeting after the Annual General Meeting. The Chair’s primary responsibility is to preside over monthly board meetings.


Trustees must make decisions to ensure adequate funds are available to maintain current operations and to replace capital infrastructure as it ages. They are required to propose and manage a budget, levy tolls as required and oversee capital projects.


Trustees enact powers granted in the Improvement District Act using by-laws and resolutions. Powers include but are not limited to borrowing, levying taxes and entering into contracts.


Trustees enact policies to provide direction for the administration and volunteers. Policy-making may involve establishment of water restrictions, purchase of insurance, staff attendance at conferences, etc.

One measure of a community is the quality and commitment of its representatives.
SPID Boards of Trustees have always demonstrated the vitality of our beautiful Ships Point.

Office Hours
Tu - Fri 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
7729 Vivian Way
Fanny Bay, BC
V0R 1W0
Nina LeBlanc, Office Administrator