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Water Technical Committee

Bill Trussler, Chair
Dave Shepherd, Water Operator
Dave Henderson
Kevin Gardave
Mike Mesford
Bruce Prested
Jim Wahl

Where Does Our Water Come From?

Ships Point has a pumping facility on Ships Point Road just west of the nature preserve. There are three wells, each with its own pump. There is a pump house with control and monitoring equipment as well as a standby generator that provides electricity to run the pumps in case of power outages.

Where Does Our Water Go?

Buried piping brings water from the pumps to the homeowners on Ships Point. Each property has a valve, called a ‘curb stop’, that controls the water to the property. The property owner is responsible for all piping after the curb stop. Water can be shut off by calling the SPID office and making arrangements. (There is a small fee for this.)
Part of the distribution system includes fire hydrants. The SPID Fire Department uses these hydrants in case of fire.

Who Maintains the System?

SPID has two water technicians who are certified to work on small water systems. They are contract workers and not employees. The general operation of the water system is overseen by a committee of volunteers, the Water Technical Committee.

How Safe is Our Water?

Our wells are deep enough to be drawing from the local aquifer rather than surface water. This makes contamination less likely. Water from each well is tested routinely for safety. In addition, chlorine is added as required by the Vancouver Island Health Authority.
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